Required Documents

  1. Letter addressed to The Nepal Ministry of Labor [Sample]
  2. Agency Agreement [Sample]
  3. Power of Attorney [Sample]
  4. Letter of Demand[Sample]
  5. Employment Contract [Sample]
  6. Affidavit/Sworn Statement
  7. Letter addressed to Concerned Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal or nearby High Commission
  8. Letter addressed to Nepalese Embassy in Source Country
  9. Attested Copy of Citizenship of Director
  10. Employer Company's Registration License (Form 24, Form 49, M&A, if any)
  11. Company Brochure and Profile
  12. Photograph of products, working area, hostel room and Canten etc.

* Number 2, 3, 4 and 5 should either be attested by Notary Public or Local Nepal Embassy / Chamber of Commerce Note: Please make sure that every single page is print out in company letter head and rubber stamped with initial signature

Greetings from Sadiksha Overseas Pvt. Ltd! 

Habib Mohammad, HR Manager
Just want to take this chance to say thank you so much for everything. Helping us to get the right people

Sunil Mittal, Operations Head
To speak the truth we were looking for quality manpower supplier who could be trusted for specialized job category.


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